Digital Edition
Our digital edition reaches all our digital and print subscribers and is viewable anytime on any device.
Our digital edition is not a print replica. It contains exclusive digital content and options for enhanced media and options to drive conversion and exposure to your brand. Our digital version is delivered twice a month so we can promote additional content and maximize our readers’ exposure to your marketing campaign. Past issues are always available as well, giving extra life to your promotion.
Per Issue Selection
UP Media Print Ad
Ad As-Is In Print
All spread, full page and factional advertisements will be included in the digital edition “as-is” with no enhancement. Ads will appear against a background image that spans the width of the screen and will be clickable to one URL – either the URL within the ad itself or as specified. Ads are positioned in a similar order as to how they appear within print.
Enhance the Digital Ad
Enhanced ads offer more dynamic options to drive conversion and exposure to your brand.
Responsive Ad
Your traditional print ad is converted to digital format using a background image or color that spans the full width of the screen and includes your logo, with marketing copy and a custom call-to-action button.
All Responsive Ad elements are included plus single HTML animation or intro movement effects are added.
All Responsive Ad elements are included plus up to five additional images that will automatically rotate/slide on a loop within the ad. Images may contain separate marketing copy.
All Responsive Ad elements are included plus embedded audio or video codes via tech platforms, such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
For a premium effect with the greatest impact, let us produce a custom-designed digital ad based on your supplied art. This responsive ad includes an edge-to-edge format for a larger footprint, allowing for multiple call-to-action links and URLs and is fully embedded, not linked via tech platforms.
Sponsor our publication landing page featuring your company as the digital edition host. Get maximum visibility adjacent to the magazine cover, plus add a welcome message, scrolling images or even embed audio or video.
In order to enhance your ad, we must receive artwork in its original design file (such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator), packaged with all links and fonts included. (This is in addition to the PDF submitted for print.) For complete details, contact sales.

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