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ultra-thin LW-reversed, low-equivalent series inductor MLCC
Murata LLC152D70G105ME01
LLC152D70G105ME01 ultra-thin LW-reversed, low-equivalent series inductor MLCC has capacitance value of 1.0µF ±20% for 4 Vdc-rated automotive applications. Is 0204″ (0.5 x 1mm) and has max. thickness of 0.22mm. Can be implemented on back of processor package. Construction flips electrodes through 90° so they are positioned on long side of rectangular chip; reverses length-to-width ratio. Achieves low-impedance design.
Sigrity X signal and power integrity (SI/PI) software
Cadence Sigrity X
Sigrity X signal and power integrity (SI/PI) software features new simulation engines for system-level analysis for 5G communications, automotive, hyperscale computing, and aerospace and defense applications. Reportedly delivers up to 10x performance gain for simulation speed and design capacity. Streamlines setup time for detailed system-level SI/PI analysis by transitioning across different analysis workflows.
Acura Premium contact printer
Altix Acura
Acura Premium contact printer is for innerlayer, outer layer and solder mask processes. Integrates high-performance LED light sources, while keeping collimated light sources optional. Double-sided simultaneous exposure capabilities. Combines wide-angle rocking upper-frame and dual-screen display.
Others of Note
Hirose FH63S Series
FH63S series shielded flexible printed circuit connector has patented single-action flip lock. Features ground pin to work with shielded FFC for EMI prevention and optimum signal integrity. Is 0.5mm pitch and supports HDMI 1.4a, USB 3.0, Embedded Display Pot 1.3, and V-by-One HS protocols.
Hirose Electric
Vishay EP1
EP1 wet tantalum capacitor has new ratings in B and C case codes. Offers high capacitance per voltage rating and case size. Comes in radial through-hole or SMT terminations in A, B, and C case codes, each with stud-mount option. Capacitance from 3,600µF to 40,000µF in B case code and 5,300µF to 58,000µF in C case code.
Stackpole RNCF0402
RNCF0402 precision Nichrome chip resistor now has power rating to 0.1W for resistance values from 4.7Ω to 255KΩ for 0.1% tolerances and 25ppm TCR. For applications that normally require 0603 or 0805 resistor. For consumer electronics, computer and telecom equipment, measurement systems, instrumentation, medical monitoring, and high-end commercial audio devices.
Stackpole Electronics
C&K PTS845, PTS850
PTS845 and PTS850 compact tact SMT switches are for portable electronics, including headsets, sports watches, health monitoring devices, Bluetooth accessories, black boxes, and navigation. PTS845 is 4.5 x 3.4 x 3.3mm and comes in three standard actuation forces (80, 160 and 260gf). PTS850 is 5.4 x 5 x 1.8mm and comes in 180 and 350gf versions.
Polar Instruments Atlas
Atlas for Anritsu ShockLine vector network analyzers is for production testing of PCB insertion loss. Focuses on material qualification and test of high-speed serial data busses at PCB fabrication level. Combines Atlas insertion loss test and data logging software with Anritsu MS46524B-043 43.5 GHz VNA. Addresses Delta-L test needs for emerging PCB designs.
Polar Instruments
TE Free Height COM Connectors
Free height computer-on-module (COM) connectors with 0.5mm centerline address vertical, parallel and board-to-board connections that require high-speed data transmission and different stacking heights. Compliant with COM Express Type 7 spec and can be compatible with PCIe Gen 4 protocol. Support up to 16GT/s. Improved signal integrity supported by low insertion loss, return loss, PSNEXT and PSFEXT, whether using both new receptacles and plugs or mating new receptacles with older plugs.
TE Connectivity