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YRi-V 3-D hybrid AOI
Yamaha YRi-V
YRi-V 3-D hybrid AOI features a newly developed inspection head equipped with a high-speed camera with a new 5µm resolution lens. High-precision 8-direction 3-D projector offers greater component inspection compatibility. New coaxial lighting improves measurement accuracy and range by 100% compared to current models. High-precision measurement up to 25mm high.
Yamaha SMT Section
APT-1600FD-SL dual-sided flying probe test system
Takaya APT-1600FD-SL
APT-1600FD-SL dual-sided flying probe test system is for large PCBAs for 5G communications and battery management system applications. Provides 48% larger test area. Deploys flying probes to both sides of UUT. Provides average head speed increases of up to 50% with throughput improvements of 30-50% over existing models.
rLSR Mini LED rework system
Laserssel rLSR
rLSR Mini LED rework system enables industry to solder temperature-sensitive, warpage-prone, fine-pitch, odd form, big die, SiP, wearables, flex to flex, and other applications. Beam shaping optical module takes energy of spot laser and turns it into uniformly distributed area laser. Uniformity of energy is reportedly greater than 95%.
Others of Note
Microtronic D&L Automator
Automated and PC-controlled D&L Automator for dip and look meets IPC-J-STD-002 and 003 standards. Provides repeatable dipping of specimen. Has built-in PC with Windows 10 and touch screen for settings and operation. Comes with tool to automatically measure bath level and light curtain to automatically measure length of test coupon.
Inspectis WeldInspect DIM
WeldInspect DIM optical inspection system inspects welds and other shiny surfaces. Uses digital inverted microscope for optics alignment. Used for advanced visual inspection tasks using 4K imaging of hybrid microcircuits, ceramic PCBs and other substrates.
Rehm ProMetrics Thermal Profile Monitoring
ProMetrics monitors thermal profiles during soldering. For single- and dual-lane systems and suitable for vacuums. Checks how previously created profile corresponds to required, predefined specifications. Process window index quantifies quality of thermal process; determined by specification of solder paste and most heat-sensitive component.
Rehm Thermal Systems
Shenmao PF918-P250
PF918-P250 SnAgBi3 alloy offers high thermal impact reliability. Reportedly increases thermal reliability performance by 30%. Is said to provide better mechanical shock performance than SAC 305 and SAC 405. For use in consumer electronics, servers and automotive applications. Similar melting point to SAC 305.
Metcal GT90, GT120 Soldering Software
GT90 and GT120 soldering systems have software upgrades that offer combination of inductive heating technology with adjustable temperature control. Allow setting of temp. profiles for various components or solder joints. Can set profiles with preheat ramp rates that prevent damage from thermal shock caused by rapid heating.
Kolb FR100
FR100 flux remover is intensive spray detergent for manual cleaning of assemblies. Is applied from spray bottle to surface to be cleaned. Is ESD-safe; evaporates residue-free. Dissolved flux residues can be removed using bottle’s brush head, which is gentle on components.