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MegaVIA plasma treatment system
Nordson March MegaVIA
MegaVIA plasma treatment system has 15-cell configuration for panel sizes up to 30″ x 52″. Overall dimensions are 1652mm x 1782mm x 2326mm. Provides plasma treatment at 40kHz and accommodates common gases – CF4, O2, N2, and argon – with process reproducibility and uniformity. EPC controller with Windows 10 PC-based touchscreen HMI permits data collection and control capabilities. Reportedly achieves higher than 80% uniformity for desmear and etch-back applications to both sides of PCB panels.
Nordson March
PilotV8XL HR Next flying probe
Seica PilotV8XL HR Next
PilotV8XL HR Next flying probe offers probe card test. Brings together three tools to perform complete test: bare board test for single MLO and PCB test; ICT and functional test for assembled PCB test; probe card test for PCB+MLO. Ensures ICCT (integrity connection certification testing). Features vertical platform; eight independent axes; two standard probes plus two high-res probes on front side; four standard probes on rear side. Test area is 800 x 650mm. Has laser sensor(s) for warpage control. Automatically generates specific tests considering resistance of each single path that can be different from one to another.
CR-8000 2021 software
Zuken CR-8000 2021
CR-8000 2021 software features more than 150 enhancements ranging from architectural planning, system-level schematic design and verification, 3-D multi-board and advanced packing layout, through to manufacturing output generation. New place by area, template and reuse functionality that enables application of existing placement and routing patterns on new designs. Supports simulation of PCB parasitic effects in circuit design stage.
Others of Note
Cadence Allegro X
Allegro X Design Platform unifies schematic, layout, analysis, design collaboration and data management. Built on Allegro and OrCAD core technology, is said to streamline system design process by providing access to logical and physical domains simultaneously with concurrent collaboration capabilities across schematic, layout and analysis activities. Leverages hybrid cloud that provides scalable compute resources and full technology access, while reducing deployment footprints and complexity.
Nano Dimension DragonFly LDM 2.0
DragonFly LDM 2.0 update introduces improved print quality, optimized ink utilization and smarter management for printer uptime. Uses digital files and simultaneous 3-D printing of dielectric and conductive materials to produce high-performance multilayered electronic devices. Consists of hardware and embedded software upgrades that optimize ink utilization, improve print quality with print-head calibration and nozzle cancellation wizards, and improve printer uptime.
Nano Dimension
TCQ series conductive polymer chip capacitors are AEC-Q200-qualified for automotive, industrial, and telecommunications applications. For space-constrained, harsh-environment applications, including body electronics, cabin controls, comfort and infotainment systems, aftermarket automotive electronics, DC/DC converters, and coupling/decoupling. Conductive polymer electrodes enable benign failure mode under recommended use conditions.
CAD Design Software EPD Suites
Electronics Packaging Designer suites are powered by AutoCAD OEM. Used for complete PCB design or specific tasks such as bond wire exporting or translation of Gerber or GDS files. Basic Suite for Windows is for PCB, RF, and flex with bidirectional Gerber translator, GDS translator. Includes schematic capture and 3-D, advanced routing, automatic documentation, and module of commands that allow designers to clean file.
CAD Design Software
Cadence AWR Design Environment v.16
AWR Design Environment v. 16 has cross-platform interoperability to support RF to millimeter wave (mmWave) intellectual property integration for heterogeneous technology development across the Cadence Virtuoso design platform, as well as the Allegro PCB and IC package design platforms. Seamlessly integrates with Clarity 3D Solver and Celsius Thermal Solver for electrothermal performance analysis of large-scale and complex RF systems.
LCCI series ultraminiature MLCC inductors are for high-frequency RF applications. Come in 0201, 0402 and 0603 sizes. Sn-plated surface-mount terminations. Compatible with high-density PCBs and reflow soldering.