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Europlacer Intelligent Freeform Feeder
Europlacer Intelligent Freeform Feeder
Intelligent freeform feeder is alternative to taping loose components. Eliminates one process step and reduces possibility of human error. Comprises pair of trays, each featuring nine separate cells to hold different components. These are dropped into 25mm x 18mm cells without need for orientation or alignment.
Vision Engineering VE Cam Digital Microscope
Vision Engineering VE Cam Digital Microscope
VE Cam compact digital microscope comes in two variants with differing fields of view: VE Cam 50 (50mm FOV) and VE Cam 80 (80mm FOV). Includes features available on EVO Cam ll. Is standalone and doesn’t require PC, keyboard or mouse. With Wi-Fi screen sharing, results can be shared wirelessly to smart devices and displays with screen mirroring. Features 10 user-programmable presets and six hotkeys for one-touch access to most commonly used presets and configurable interface, which allows most commonly used settings to be shown on the screen. Is for PCB examination, PCB debug activities, discovering imperfections, and to trace problems in industrial applications.
Vision Engineering
Fujipoly Sarcon SPG-70A TIM
Fujipoly Sarcon SPG-70A TIM
Sarcon SPG-70A thermal interface material is a high flow rate, high heat transferring compound that exhibits a thermal conductivity of 7.0W/m°K and has lowest thermal resistance among Fujipoly’s dispensable SPG products. When applied between heat-generating components and nearby heat sink or spreader, it fills gaps as small as 0.2mm. Has excellent vibration absorption capabilities and requires no heat curing. Comes in 30cc syringes or 325cc cartridges.
Fujipoly America
Others of Note
Indium CW-305 Flux-Cored Wire
CW-305 halogen-free flux-cored wire permits post-soldering residue removal with warm water wash. Residue removal reportedly can be delayed up to 48 hr. without affecting ionic cleanliness or visual PCB appearance. For hand-soldering applications where high flux strength and ability to clean with water are required.
Indium Corp.
Marvin Test Solutions ATEasy 2021 Test Software
ATEasy 2021 automates test and evaluation of components, boards, subassemblies and systems. Supports 64-bit software components. Revamped integrated development environment UI and code editor updates, including beautify code, parameter suggestion, and auto-completion improvements. Is 100% backward compatible with all previous versions.
Marvin Test Solutions
Advantest T5221 Memory Tester
T5221 performs high-throughput functional testing of NAND flash devices with accurate timing, repeatability and failure detection. Data transfer speeds more than five times faster than predecessor; improves production efficiencies for wafer sorting, built-in self-testing and wafer-level burn-in. Optimized for use with a multi-wafer prober.
Trio Motion Scara Robots
SCARA robots provide high-performance robot control, motion control, and machine automation from single controller. Designed for pick-and-place, assembly and dispensing. Four robots extend from 400mm arm range and 3kg max. load capacity to 700mm arm range and 6kg max. load capacity. Individual servo motors for high cyclic throughput and repeatable precision.
Trio Motion Technology
Goepel Flex Line 3-D AXI
Flex Line 3-D inline x-ray has variable belt conveyor that can transport small/light and large/heavy assemblies. Is built around fixed position DUT image acquisition technology; provides image data without blurring during 2-D, 2.5-D and 3-D x-ray inspection. Granite-based six-axis system implements high-speed movement of image acquisition components with repeatability. Handles DUT up to 610mm x 508mm with max. weight of 15kg.
Goepel Electronic
Wisconsin Small Batch Oven
Electrically heated small batch oven is used for curing coating on aluminum parts at 65°C to 70°C. Has max. temp. of 500°F. Normal op. temp. is 185°F. Chamber dimensions are 4′ x 3′ x 4′. Body is constructed with efficiency panel seams.
Wisconsin Oven