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APT-1400F-SL-A flying probe test system
Takaya APT-1400F
APT-1400F-SL-A flying probe test system for PCBAs delivers larger testing area (635 x 610mm) to accommodate 5G communications and battery management system applications. SL series provides 48% larger test area; A series designation (inline configuration model) enables automatic transfer of UUT. Automated conveyor.
Loctite Ablestik ABP 8068TD high thermal die attach paste
Henkel ABP 8068TD
Loctite Ablestik ABP 8068TD high thermal die attach paste is for use in applications where no die back-side metallization is required. Is for bare silicon die integration and high-power applications. Dissipates heat in applications where bare silicon die are used. Bulk thermal conductivity of 50 W/m-K.
OvenSentinel continuous monitoring technology
ECD OvenSentinel with Profile SnapShot
OvenSentinel continuous monitoring technology now has Profile SnapShot, a one-button, on-demand oven profile confirmation that delivers a data file, rather than a profile image only. Reduces requirement for incremental profiling using instrumented assemblies. Delivers instantaneous view and generated data set of oven profile, allowing validation and documentation of oven conditions for reflow soldering. Calculations can be instantly captured and displayed. Integrates TrueProfile traceability.
Others of Note
Nordson EFD 70cc Optimum
70cc Optimum syringe barrels hold assembly fluids, such as adhesives, epoxies, sealants and solder pastes. Are for electronic applications such as underfill, potting and conformal coating. Reduce number of fluid changeouts in automated manufacturing processes. Come in clear resin for general purpose applications and UV-blocking amber resin for light-sensitive assembly fluids. Consistent internal diameter maintains proper seal with piston.
Nordson EFD
Eutect Sensitive Wire Feeder
Sensitive Wire Feeder can be used in conjunction with a laser, iron or induction system for soldering assemblies. Drive is now shielded by a metal cover, improving EMC compatibility. New signal filter software improves measuring accuracy and stability during wire feed. Weight has been reduced 11%, permitting the SWF to be moved more dynamically when integrated on a robot arm.
Pacific Trinetics Celsus-20
Celsus-20 smart storage cabinet is for SMT component reels. Stores 6,400 reels in less than 26 sq. ft. of space. Auto material retrieval from bill of material reportedly eliminates errors. Preparatory software controls each component’s MSD and lifecycle. Stores electronic components in reels, tubes, trays and packs. Configurable to store any type of large or small products.
Pacific Trinetics
WPI (Wave Process Inspection System) brings process monitoring, process control and traceability to the wave solder process. Provides automatic profiling, including dwell time and parallelism measurement for each production board, real-time preheat and wave analytics, and automatic SPC charting.
Dymax 9906-AA
9906-AA light and/or heat-curable cationic epoxy is for active alignment of camera modules, optical components, LiDAR, and other ADAS assemblies used in automotive apps. Low volumetric shrinkage, high Tg, and low CTE. Has 85°C/85% RH resistance, exhibits less overall movement through thermal excursions, and features higher viscosity and thixotropy to maintain bead shape upon dispense. Can be refrigerated and shipped/stored at 1°-5°C and not frozen. Meets NASA ASTM E595 low-outgassing specifications.
TRI TR7007 SII Ultra
TR7007 SII Ultra 3-D high-speed solder paste inspection performs at speed up to 180 cm2/sec. Inspects low solder bridges and compensates board warpage for eliminating local PCB deformation. Eases data exchange between production line and MES to enable data traceability for connected factory. Uses YMS 4.0 Industry 4.0 data-driven management system.
Test Research Inc.