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Forte Max fluid dispenser
Asymtek Forte Max
Forte Max fluid dispenser offers dual-valve jetting in two modes and patented, real-time correction to accommodate skewed parts. Designed for high volume. Dispenses from two identical or different valves using a single set of hardware. In one configuration, two high-frequency IntelliJets dispense fluid simultaneously for applications with multi-up, panelized, or patterned parts with consistent spacing. In a second configuration, two different fluids are dispensed on the same part from two different valves, such as for dam-and-fill encapsulation.
Nordson Electronics Solutions
manual stencil printer
LPKF ProtoPrint S4
ProtoPrint S4 is a manual stencil printer suitable for single-sided and double-sided printing of PCB prototypes and low volumes. Has integrated size-adjustable clamping frame; can use polyimide film or stainless steel stencils. Supports mounting of tiny SMDs on prototype boards. Components are removed from component trays or tape feeders with manual pick-and-place system, guided to appropriate places above PCB with ergonomically formed placement head, and placed with one hand. Has automated nozzle changer with six nozzles and intuitive GUI. Is equipped with CAD editor for nearly all CAD systems.
FlyPOD module
Seica FlyPOD
FlyPOD module connects multiple hardware resources to mini fixture installed on flying probe. Is deployed for on-board programming, as boundary scan test interface or as communication interface, e.g., CAN, I2C, etc. Automatic flying prober with four or eight probes with FlyPOD option can be integrated into high-volume automatic production line; integration of up to two FlyPODs on different heads for OBP programming, boundary scan, CAN communication and other purposes. Fixture with min. step of 1.27mm (5 x 5 grid). Max. number of contacts: 14. DUT provides a termination of test points connected to device to be programmed. Mini-fixture is plug-and-play type and will be manufactured according to configuration in use.
Others of Note
Pansonic Sidefill CV5797U
Sidefill CV5797U polymer is for surface mount assembly applications. Reportedly improves reliability and productivity of automotive electronic assemblies. Is temperature-resistant and designed to prevent solder cracking. Under ambient conditions, it has pot life of 72 hr. Exhibits high Tg (160°C) and low CTE (14ppm). Withstands 6,000 cycles between -55° and 125°C. Reportedly reduces reinforcement process time approx. 90% compared to conventional underfill process. Jet dispensable.
Yincae SMT 158N
SMT 158N is a non-flow, low-temp., slow-cure, high-purity liquid epoxy underfill and capillary underfill encapsulant. Has high viscosity and can be used as dam material, corner bond, edge bond or encapsulant. Withstand temps. down to -273°C. For flip-chip, wafer-level chip scale package applications. Also suitable for bare chip protection in memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits and MCMs.
Yincae Advanced Materials
Infotech Desktop Dispensing Robot
Desktop dispensing robot integrates different dispensing technologies: from time-pressure to volumetric dispensers to electropneumatic or piezoelectric jet dispensing. Software and integrated vision system offer intuitive development of dispensing parameters; these are stored in a library with dispensing medium, dispensing technology and respective dispensing pattern. Can be called up or adapted. Combines jetting of sinter paste with pick-and-place of chip. Configuration and parameters can be transferred to an inline-capable manufacturing cell without changes.
Shenmao PF606-EP305
PF606-EP305 joint enhanced solder paste (JEP) and solder joint encapsulation material (SJEM) flux SMEF-Z52 are epoxy-based solder materials for very-fine pad size (70µm) soldering. Offer advantages of conventional solder paste and anisotropic conductive paste, i.e., self-alignment and planar insulation. Flux combines capabilities of conventional flux and underfill. Epoxy cures after reflow and provides bonding strength and joint protection. Come in halogen-free versions that meet J-STD standards (≦1000ppm chlorine/ ≦ 1000ppm bromine) and IEC standard (≦900ppm chlorine/ ≦900ppm bromine/ ≦1500ppm total halogens).
Koki T4AB58-HF360, T4AB58-HF360D
T4AB58-HF360 and T4AB58-HF360D solder pastes are for low-temp. reflow soldering processes designed for printing and dispensing applications. T4AB58-HF360 is for printing; T4AB58-HF360D is for dispensing. Activator facilitates reduction-oxidation reaction. Improves insulation resistance and achieves stability in continual application and in holding and securing components during and after the component placement.
Koki Co. Ltd.
Vitronics Soltec Closed Loop PPM
Closed loop PPM control system for Centurion reflow oven is designed to be used in nitrogen environment with Cathox to maintain PPM setpoint range. Maintains setting from 200ppm to 2,000ppm at +/-100ppm tolerance from 200 to 500 and 20% tolerance from 500 to 2,000. In production mode, it ensures stable PCB quality. In idle mode, it reduces nitrogen consumption and automatically recovers to PPM setpoint before machine returns to production. Cathox reduces maintenance requirements while keeping clean process environment. Removes volatile compounds from process tunnel during reflow. In thermal oxidation, organic vapors are converted to hydrocarbons, captured by a filter.
Vitronics Soltec