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iCube HighFlex selective solder machine
Juki iCube HighFlex
iCube HighFlex selective solder machine offers all-in-one package. New fluxer cleaner permits reduced maintenance of fluxer head. Flux residues and other contamination are dissolved and automatically cleaned from flux head at user-defined interval. All existing iCube features and options available.
Z-Axis for 3Di AOI
Saki Z-Axis
Z-Axis for 3Di AOI inspects tall components, press-fit components and PCBAs in jigs. Achieves max. height-measurement range in 3-D mode to 40mm. Max. focus height in 2-D is also increased to 40mm. Can inspect low-profile components and refocus on identification and polarity markings of tall components such as large electrolytic capacitors. Composite image enables accurate defect detection and optical character recognition. Enables accurate height measurement when inspecting pins of press-fit connectors.
Saki Corp.
ii-A1 flexible placement machine
Europlacer ii-A1
ii-A1 flexible placement machine features single Tornado turret head. Placement speeds up to 15,000cph. 164 x 8mm feeder positions and two different types of internal matrix trays with up to 5 Jedec capacity, for devices up to 99mm x 99mm. Intelligent conveyor with board stops under full software control. Handles boards over 1m in length.
Others of Note
Yincae SMT 158D8
SMT 158D8 conductive underfill is a diamond-filled, reworkable liquid epoxy. Thermal conductivity of >6W/mK. High salt-moisture resistance. Flows into small gaps without phase separation. Drop test reportedly two orders of magnitude better than solder paste.
Yincae Advanced Materials
ITW MPM Edison
MPM Edison printer now comes with SECS/GEM communication package that collects and logs process data. Printer has print process capability greater than 2 Cpk for metric 2021 components. Has built-in ±8µm machine alignment and ±15µm wet print accuracy (≥2 Cpk @ 6 sigma). Features OpenApps, an open application interface with development kit that allows customers to develop custom interfaces in support of Industry 4.0 initiatives. Package provides readymade interface.
ASM Factory Equipment Center
Factory Equipment Center software is for company-wide asset and maintenance management. Browser-driven tool plans, controls, executes, supports and documents maintenance and repairs of ASM and non-ASM machines, feeders, production tools and placement heads, including equipment in areas that are not part of SMT production. Check machine status.
Nihon Superior TempSave
TempSave B58 eutectic SnBi alloy has a melting point of 139°C. TempSave B37 ductile hypoeutectic SnBi alloy contains no Ag; reportedly has outstanding drop performance. TempSave B37 P610 solder paste can be reflowed with peak temp. of 190°C. Comes in solid wire form.
Nihon Superior
Keysight i7090
i7090 massively parallel board test system performs tests in parallel on multiple PCB assemblies. Supports up to 20 cores in parallel with PCI eXtensions for instrumentation-based ICT capability. Core configuration is variable and not confined to fixed number of rows. Keysight OpenTAP support enables open platforms for integration of hardware. 600mm width. Provides unpowered and vectorless test extended performance technologies.
Keysight Technologies
Master Bond EP77M-FMed
EP77M-FMed two-part epoxy adhesive and sealant is for medical device assembly. Meets ISO 10993-5 requirements and is not considered to have a cytotoxic effect. Silver-filled system has volume resistivity of 10-3 ohm-cm and thermal conductivity of 1.44-1.73 W/(m•K). RoHS compliant.
Master Bond