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Simulation 2021 accelerating simulation of real-world product performance
Altair Simulation 2021
Simulation 2021 accelerates simulation of real-world product performance and expands simulation-driven design for manufacturing functionality. Simulates 5G connectivity, electronic board-level performance, and manufacturing processes. Provides efficient PCB design review, verification, analysis, and manufacture for design of motors, sensors, and actuators with simulation. Updates include improved simulation and optimization of wireless connectivity, including 5G and EM compatibility.
PCBflow cloud-based software
Siemens PCBFlow
PCBflow cloud-based software extends Xcelerator portfolio with secure environment for PCB design teams to interact with manufacturers. Performs DfM analyses in the context of each manufacturer’s process capabilities. Powered by Valor NPI software engine. Performs more than 1,000 DfM checks. Scalable to any company size.
D.FL75 75Ω, 4K/UHD transmission coaxial connector
Hirose D.FL75
D.FL75 75Ω, 4K/UHD transmission coaxial connector supports 12G-SDI standard and SMPTE ST 2082-1. Requires 4 x 4mm PCB mounting space. Mating height of 2.7mm. For A/V equipment, portable medical devices, security cameras and video screens. Eliminates PCB traces and is reflow-solderable.
Others of Note
Ultra Librarian,
TDK DC-DC Multimodule
µPOL embedded DC-DC converters now include a 5W to 40W DC-DC multimodule reference design that reportedly enables concept to design in fewer than 15 min. Come in eight CAD formats. For crafting DC-DC power solutions between and around FPGAs, ASICs, memory, and under heat sinks on top or bottom of PCBs or daughtercards.
Ultra Librarian
TDK Corp.
Vishay BCcomponents 190 RTL
BCcomponents 190 RTL series low-impedance, automotive-grade miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors combine ripple currents up to 3.36A with high-temperature operation to +125°C and useful life of 6,000hr. at 125°C. Offer lower impedance and 10% to 15% higher ripple current.
Inventhub Project
Management Suite
PCB design project management tool suite provides single centralized, secure cloud database updated with every change. Supports visualization on formats such as Altium Designer, EagleCad and KiCad. Organization access controls enable team-based collaboration and sharing latest version of document. Smart BoM creates, edits and maintains bill of materials.
Rohm CSL1501RW
CSL1501RW side-emitting IR LED has peak wavelength of 860nm in 1 x 0.55mm sideview design. Emits light parallel to mounting surface. Serves as light source for eye tracking. Is ultra-miniature and side-firing. For compact mobile devices and wearables.
Rohm Semiconductor
Amphenol Mini-Fakra
Mini-Fakra connectors support up to 20Gbps data transmission. Reportedly reduce installation requirements up to 80% compared to previous Farkra products. Color-coded housings. Mechanically keyed to prevent mismating. Come in type A right angle PCB and cable mount configuration.
Amphenol RF
Beyschlag NCW 0612 AT
NCW 0612 AT wide-terminal thin-film chip resistors for power electronics come in 0612 package size. Power dissipation up to 1W and resistance values down to 0.10Ω. AEC-Q200 qualified. Provide operating temp. up to +175°C, sulfur resistance as verified according to ASTM B 809, and moisture resistivity at 85°C and 85% RH.