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Viscom iX7059 XL
Viscom iX7059 XL
iX7059 Heavy Duty Inspection XL offers rapid handling of inspection objects weighing up to 40kg and 3-D AXI with powerful radiation. Handles encased components and power electronics requirements. Extended longboard option for PCBAs measuring up to 1600 mm.
Koh Young Meister D+ True3D
Koh Young Meister D+ True3D
Meister D+ True3D inspection system inspects solder paste, printed bumps, solder balls, components down to 0201M (008004), and die with 10µm bump height and 5µm gap spacing using eight-projector probe. Performs MCM/SiP/chiplet inspection with integrated measurement and defect analysis software built on AI engine. User-friendly GUI and programming wizards. IPC-CFX-2591, IPC-HERMES-9852, and IPC-DPMX-2581 compatible.
Koh Young
Mek ISO-Spector M2
Mek ISO-Spector M2
ISO-Spector M2 inline 3-D AOI has redesigned chassis; accommodates larger boards (510mm x 460mm), including optional angular camera in smaller footprint. Conveyor system with pneumatic drives reduces handling times 27%. High-res 25MP camera with advanced lens optics, FoV of 69mm x 69mm and 4x multi-frequency Moiré projectors.
Mek (Marantz Electronics)
Others of Note
KNS iFlex
iFlex placement machine includes new XT placement head with side-view camera system for vision on the fly and component heights of 21 to 21mm; larger touch-screen monitors; new SlimFit feeder system with up to 126 spaces for 8mm component rolls; improved framework and safety concept; powerful system controller with latest Windows operating system.
Kulicke & Soffa
Omron VT-S10
VT-S10 series 3-D AOI uses multi-direction, multi-color imaging, MPS 3-D hardware and AI to reduce false calls, improve first-pass yields and optimize defect detection. Combines advanced illumination, sophisticated image processing and full 3-D measurement data to yield high-quality solder inspection. Shadow and secondary reflection impacts common to 3-D AOI reportedly are eliminated through new hardware developments like quad multi-phase shift projectors that allow stable inspection across PCBA.
Omron Automation
MacDermid Alpha WS-826
Alpha WS-826 water-soluble solder paste is designed to provide excellent environmental stability in extreme operating conditions. Offers 8-hr. stencil life at elevated temperatures and humidity levels and excellent solderability. Provides consistent stencil life, tack time and print definition. Pb-free, zero-halogen paste reflows in air and nitrogen. For defense, aerospace, communications, computing and medical applications.
MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
Juki JM-50
JM-50 SMT placement machine uses Takumi placement head, which automatically adjusts its height to provide optimal speed and component handling simultaneously. Up to four nozzles pick at same time. Laser and vision inspection for leads and body of component, and lead correction unit straightens and corrects bent leads. Nozzle types include vacuum, axial, gripper and mini chuck. Handles radial, axial, stick, bowl, tray and SMT tape feeders. MVF feeder handles bulk components.
Scienscope Smart Storage Rack
Smart Storage Rack stores electronic components and can be integrated with component counter and IMS systems or desktop reel scanner. Provides accurate inventory with unique ID number and exact location. Is built with stainless steel and ESD caster. Free ERP and MES system integration with auto slot assignment by LED light. Stores 1,400 7″ reels or 480 13″ reels. Customization optional.