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Molex 5G25
Molex 5G25
Flex-to-Board RF mmWave connector 5G25 meets 5G mmWave applications requiring signal integrity at higher frequencies up to 25GHz. Micro connector enables optimization of high-speed 5G components, while alleviating space constraints. Supports high-speed data transmission; offers protection from harsh environmental conditions. Features signal pitch of 0.35mm, mated body height of 0.6mm, body width of 2.5mm and length of 3.6mm. Combines RF and non-RF signals.
Sabic SD1100P
Sabic SD1100P
SD1100P high-purity dianhydride powder for polyimide films is for use in 5G flexible circuits, colorless displays and other flexible electronics applications. This 4,4′-bisphenol A dianhydride powder helps produce high molecular weight PI formulations that can improve balance between thermal and mechanical properties. Features lower Dk and Df, reduced water absorption and improved metal adhesion for creating films and varnishes used in copper-clad laminates, coverlays and adhesives.
DownStream CAM350 v. 14.6
DownStream CAM350 v. 14.6
CAM350 v. 14.6 includes enhanced support for flex/rigid-flex and embedded component visualization in 2-D and 3-D environments. Upgrades DfM analysis capability to support rigid-flex and inter-layer analysis. Rigid-flex analysis focuses on flexible conductive layers and coverlayers. Analyzes flexible trace layers for conditions that potentially lead to trace fracture such as vias, trace corners, or solid copper areas in bend areas.
DownStream Technologies
Others of Note
Vishay Draloric RCV-AT e3
Draloric RCV-AT e3 thick-film chip resistors are AEC-Q200-qualified and have operating voltages up to 3kV in 2010 and 2512 case sizes. Reportedly can be used in place of standard resistor chains. Feature resistance range from 100kΩ to 100MΩ, with tolerances of ±1% and ±5% and TCR of ±100 ppm/K and ±200 ppm/K. Offer power ratings up to 1.0W, voltage coefficient of resistance of 25 ppm/V, and operating temp. range of -55° to +155°C. RoHS-compliant and halogen-free. Are suitable for processing on automatic surface-mount assembly systems and for wave, reflow, or vapor phase soldering per IEC 61760-1.
AVX AHC Series
AHC series SMT hybrid electrolytic aluminum capacitors are available in five case sizes: 0608, 0609, 0810, 0812, and 1010. Capacitance values and voltage ratings span 15-470µF and 25-80VDC. Are rated for operating temp. extending from -55° to +125°C, exhibit ultra-low ESR and high ripple current resistance, reliably withstand 4,000 hr. at 125°C, and are well suited for use in commercial and industrial power supplies that require high capacitance in energy-dense, small-volume packages.
AVX Corp.
DownStream BluePrint-PCB v. 6.6
BluePrint-PCB documentation tool v. 6.6 includes 2-D graphic upgrade and capability to transfer BluePrint panel document into CAM350 for panel design editing.
DownStream Technologies
Vishay IHLP 7575GZ-51
IHLP 7575GZ-51 low-profile, high-current composite inductor comes in 19 x 19 x 7mm 7575 case size. Offers temp. operation to +155°C for computer, telecom, and industrial applications, up to 30% lower DCR and up to 35% higher current ratings than devices in 6767 case size. Is optimized for energy storage in DC/DC converters up to 2MHz and high current filtering applications up to SRF of inductor. Packaged in 100% Pb-free shielded composite construction that reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels. Offers resistance to thermal shock, moisture, and mechanical shock; handles transient current spikes without saturation. Is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green.
Introspect PV2 Universal Active Probe
PV2 Universal Active Probe 8GHz in-system measurement system is for parallel, single-ended, wireline interfaces powering next-generation digital systems. Is built around multiple parallel interfaces that connect central processing elements with different memory, sensing, and data aggregation elements. Ideal for probing full-width parallel wireline interfaces such as those found in DDR5 and LPDDR5 system implementations, as well as MIPI Alliance CSI-2SM or DSI-2SM system implementations.
Introspect Technology
Mathworks Matlab 2021b
Matlab 2021b includes code refactoring and block editing, as well as the ability to run Python commands and scripts. New products support wireless communications: RF PCB Toolbox enables design, analysis, and visualization of high-speed and RF multilayer PCBs. RF engineers can design components with parameterized or arbitrary geometry, including distributed passive structures such as traces, bends, and vias. Using frequency-domain method of moments and other EM techniques, coupling, dispersion, and parasitic effects can be modeled. Toolbox support for ODB++ and databases from Allegro, Xpedition, Altium, and Zuken enable analysis of high-speed portions of PCB layout.