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Intelli-Pro AI smart factory automation software
Mirtec Intelli-Pro AI
Intelli-Pro AI smart factory automation software and algorithm package consists of deep-learning-based automatic part search and teaching function; automatic parameter optimization; OCR; foreign object detection; placement inspection algorithms; and automatic defect type classification function. Cuts work time up to 90% over manual teaching and 50% vs. automatic teaching without deep learning.
3880-II die bonder
Palomar 3880-II
3880-II die bonder includes options to maximize productivity, reduce programming time by up to 95% and improve bonder productivity. Provides supports for rapid process development that minimize gaps in production caused by maintenance, calibrations, and process setups. New tool changer provides automated access to nearly unlimited tools. New contactless height measurement.
Palomar Technologies
NASA low outgassing rated epoxy
Master Bond EP5G-80
EP5G-80 is a one-component, NASA low outgassing rated epoxy with temp. cure requirement of 80°C for 4 hr. Graphite-filled compound is not premixed and frozen and has unlimited working life at room temp. Volume resistivity of 5-15 ohm-cm and thermal conductivity of 2.88-3.46 W/(m•K) at room temp. For heat-sensitive electronics with high levels of conductivity.
Master Bond
Others of Note
Solderstar SLX
SLX is a zero-setup profiler for reflow and wave solder applications. Includes statistical process control tool to leverage profile data for trend analysis and prediction of process problems before they happen.
Humiseal Vivid Cure LCD
Vivid Cure LCD edge bonding adhesives are for high-speed LCD display assembly and are compatible with HumiSeal face bonding products. Currently available: UV6061T, UV7061T, and UV9118T-Black. Have fast UV curing mechanism for high-speed production; are thixotropic for ease of fluid handling; are compatible with LOCA grades. Made in US under ISO standards.
Saki 3Di-LS2-CASE
3Di-LS2-CASE 3-D AOI’s AI-based inspection automation functionality reduces false calls for solder defects (non-wetting) and improves speed and accuracy of solder defect detection. AI engine learns from an image data of good and bad products, which eliminates the need to tune data during solder inspection, enabling unskilled automated inspection. Simple data flow configuration is resilient to network problems, for construction of a stable system network with excellent maintainability. Highly rigid gantry structure.
Solderstar VP Nano
VP Nano captures thermal profiles of electronics assemblies that use numerous components or require higher mass PCB substrates. Is said to streamline the periodic checking of vapor phase machines and ensure uniform heating of boards being soldered. Includes a state-of-the-art rechargeable micro-miniature datalogger and improved thermal shield.
Dymax 9771
9771 conformal coating is for use on PCBs in missiles, satellites, and spacecraft. Is dual-cure and reworkable, and cures with light and moisture to ensure full cure underneath components. Low ionic content, meets low outgassing ASTM E595 for cleaner PCBs during extreme conditions, is certified to meet Mil-Std 883 Method 5011. UL 94 V0 flammability rating and UL 746E recognized.