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Easy-PC v.25 schematic and PCB layout tool
Number One Easy-PC v.25
Easy-PC v.25 schematic and PCB layout tool has more than 25 new features. Libraries can be altered and extended. Component search engine has over 15 million parts available for free download. Now enables differential pair definition, parameters, addition, editing, checking, and reporting.
Number One Systems
RGWxx65C hybrid IGBTs
Rohm RGWxx65C
RGWxx65C hybrid IGBTs have an integrated 650V SiC Schottky barrier diode in the IGBT feedback block as a freewheeling diode that has almost no recovery energy, thus minimal diode switching loss. Significantly reduce IGBT turn-on loss. Up to 67% lower loss over conventional IGBTs and 24% lower loss compared with Super Junction MOSFETs (SJ MOSFETs) when used in vehicle chargers. AEC-Q101 qualified.
Rohm Semiconductor
Thin film wraparound PHPA series resistors
Vishay PHPA Resistors
Thin film wraparound PHPA series resistors have power ratings of 1.0W and 2.5W in 1206 and 2512 case sizes, respectively, with a self-passivated tantalum nitride film for moisture resistance. AEC-Q200 qualified, with TCR down to ±25ppm/°C and tolerance to ±0.1%. For automotive power supplies, braking systems, on-board chargers, and motor deflection circuits, and industrial test and measurement equipment. Resistance range is 10Ω to 30.1kΩ, noise less than -30dB.
Others of Note
Ucamco Integr8tor
v2021.04 CAM
Integr8tor v2021.04 CAM engineering tool has cut-out detection, Java 11 upgrade, Tomcat 8 web server upgrade, and QED PDF additions. Unintended small openings in painted areas are automatically removed. Includes improvements for recognition of stackup, naming conventions, drill span, and backdrill.
AVX SCP Series PrizmaCap
SCP series PrizmaCap standard and custom supercapacitors are engineered for SWaP-optimized, battery-powered products. Have operating temp. of -55° to +90°C. Capacitance is 3.5 to 15F, and energy density is 1.14–2.43Wh/kg. Weight is <2g, and form factor is 0.8 to 2mm based on propylene carbonate electrolyte technology.
Vishay T24 Series
T24 series HI-TMP surface-mount wet tantalum capacitors have operating temp. to +200°C in compact C case code. For military and aerospace radar applications. Measure 9mm x 7.1mm x 7.4mm. Feature tantalum metal case with glass to tantalum hermetic seal. Thermal shock capability to 300 cycles and life of 2,000 hr. at +200°C.
Ucamco UcamX v2021.04
UcamX v2021.04 CAM software includes netlist extension, YELO copper adjuster extensions, YELO legend adjuster extensions, YELO mask adjuster (Beta) extensions, secure etch compensation file size reduction, Ledia output, and ODB++ output optimization.
Nano Dimension Fabrica 2.0
Fabrica 2.0 micro additive manufacturing system is used in micron-level resolution of medical devices, micro-optics, semiconductors, microelectronics, microelectromechanical systems, and more. Uses digital light processor engine. Achieves repeatable micron-level resolution by combining DLP with adaptive optics. Engineered with array of sensors for closed feedback loop.
Nano Dimension
XJTAG 3.11
XJTAG 3.11 boundary scan software has gas serial wire debug (SWD) support, user-defined libraries, and a new clock generator. Supports SWD protocol for ARM Cortex core devices via any two pins of the XJLink2. Permits an SWD-device to be controlled directly during a board test, e.g., for testing a peripheral such as an ADC and to program connected memories. Allows creation and management of user’s libraries of XJEase device files and circuit code files.