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i-Cube10 (YRH10) hybrid placer
Yamaha i-Cube10
i-Cube10 (YRH10) hybrid placer performs surface mount and die bonds (for wafer components). Bare chip mounting speed 10,800cph with mounting accuracy of ±15µm. Component recognition via head-mounted scan camera. 10-unit multi-nozzle mounting head. Feeder unit capacity twice that of previous models.
Yamaha Robotics SMT Section
X-eye 6300NTI inline 3-D CT AXI
SEC X-Eye 6300NTI
X-eye 6300NTI inline 3-D CT AXI features pulsed x-ray with hybrid open tube.

Reportedly acquires high-res images at high speed without image dragging. Performs oblique CT at 70° tilt; minimizes image distortion. Has 3.5sec/FOV and 9.6Mp detector with large FOV. Hybrid open tube enables high magnification and defect detection in 50[U]m. For double-sided and multilayer PCBs and chip packages.

E-cell scalable standard cell
Eutect E-cell
E-cell scalable standard cell customizes soldering automation. Combines new design with higher precision and greater cell modularity. Has higher rigidity than predecessors and enables higher precision in soldering process and automation. Machine frame, including doors and discs, is ESD-compatible. Control cabinet allows quick replacement of all electronics, including wiring. E-cells can be customized in width and length by grid dimension of 300mm.
Others of Note
Double-sided, molded ball grid array is for 5G RF module design, characterization and packaging. Increases level of integration for RF frontend modules used in smartphones and other mobile devices. SiP design rules and DSMBGA enable integration of antenna tuners and passive components. Improves signal integrity and reduces losses, resulting in improved Rx/Tx amplification.
Kolb FR60
FR60 flux remover is spray detergent for quick manual cleaning of assemblies. Short application time. Is for typical PCBA contamination. Apply from spray bottle to surface to be cleaned. Is ESD-safe; evaporates residue-free. Dissolved flux residue can be removed using bottle’s brush head, which is gentle on components.
Delo Delolux 203
Delolux 203 UV area curing lamp can be used in clean rooms where there can be no influence on continuous laminar airflow. Features modular design and can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. Based on Delolux 20 but works with water cooling instead of air cooling. Intensity of more than 600 mW/cm2. Plug-and-play connectivity.
Humiseal UV500-2
UV500-2 high solids UV dual-cure elastomeric acrylate conformal coating is for automotive applications. Is tack-free after exposure to UV light. Secondary moisture cure mechanism fully cures unexposed areas of coating within seven days at ambient conditions. Properties include improved flexibility, improved thermal cycling and thermal shock performance, and excellent humidity and chemical resistance. Developed to address higher temp. cycling demands. Reportedly demonstrates defect-free performance, while achieving cycle counts in the thousands.
Henkel Loctite Stycast OS 5101
Loctite Stycast OS 5101 dual-cure adhesive is for optical lens and component alignment during inline assembly. Maintains dimensional stability to ensure lens position while in operation. CTE below Tg of 20 PPM/°C; volume shrinkage <1%; moisture absorption of 0.8%; adheres to various substrates; high UPH capability with energy savings; first-phase UV cure achievable in 40 sec. using 1W UV.
Henkel Adhesives
Kolb FR100
FR100 flux remover is intensive spray detergent for manual cleaning of assemblies. Is applied from spray bottle to surface to be cleaned. Is ESD-safe; evaporates residue-free. Dissolved flux residues can be removed using bottle’s brush head, which is gentle on components.